Zenbox CustomData: Make Gmail your customer admin dashboard

It's time for a formal feature announcement: Our CustomData is here, and it's awesome.

The frustration of dark data...

Your individual customer data - data you need dozens to hundreds of times a day doing sales and support - is locked away in your database. Before responding to a support email or contacting a sales lead, you want to know about payment plan, usage history, jobs run, and really all sorts of custom-data that's specific to your business. So how do you get to it?

If you're lucky, you have access to the database. SQL queries for sales people, anyone? If you're really lucky, you or your developers have built an internal admin panel that exposes the data you need. But even then, you'll need to jump out of email, your CRM, or helpdesk to get access to it.

With Zenbox, we bring all of that perfectly actionable customer profile with you wherever you go, available instantly in any context.


The extendable box of Zen

When designed Custom Data with three goals in mind


  • Secure: The data never touches our server. All requests for CustomData travel directly from your browser, to your server, and back, and we never see any of it. You can put your server on private VPN or use only SSL backends to make it even more secure.
  • Actionable: The data and actions you want to see for your customers are unqique to your business, and only you have access to them. We want to expose those for you wherever you are on the web.
  • Easy: This is crucial - it has to be so easy a developer gets excited at the idea. If your backend can provide properly formatted JSON to a single request, you can be up and running extremely quickly.

Having access to dynamic customer profiles cuts down your response time and drastically improves the quality. 

You can define custom 'quick-actions' from the backend that keep you from jumping back to the admin panel, so you stay in-flow while helping customers.

For the technical nitty-gritty, check out the Zenbox help page: https://www.zenboxapp.com/help#custom-data.

Trust us, you're going to love it.