Built a business on Parse? You need Zenbox.

We're big fans of Parse's service here at Zenbox - get to market quicker, and focus on what matters: your product, and your customers. And now we're here to help Parse users with the latter.

Developers and sales people hate context shifts, so with Zenbox you'll see the customers of your Parse app appear right in Gmail when they contact you. No alt-tabbing out of the email flow to find out who you're talking, and you'll know how they've been using your app right inline.


As usual, Zenbox's Parse integration takes just a few seconds to get going. Just log into your parse account, copy your AppID and REST API key into the Zenbox settings page, and you're done.

Trust us, your sales, support, and cofounders will all thank you - and without you having to write a single line of code.

Install Zenbox to get over 20 SaaS services, including Parse, in your Gmail right now

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